“The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking”

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Welcome to our new website

As many will know the old site was launched in 2012 and was much in need of a refresh both in ‘look and feel’ and technically.  This new site will hopefully address both issues.  We hope that all the content will look familiar.  There are the same pages with information about AA and the program.  A single page now to help find all our news and all the meetings.

Most pages will have a Tags Block  as you can see on the right.  The tags and categories which they hold will allow  you to find Meetings and News items with ease. So if you are looking for a traditional ( F2F) meeting you just click on ‘Traditional’  tag and  wherever you are you will end up on the Meetings and News page with a list of Traditional Meetings. If you need the latest WTF just click the ‘wtf’ Tag and then click the link on the WTF post. The same approach will work for Questions for Conference ( QfC).  Just have a play and see what you can find and one last thing: for visitors checking for wheelchair access , please use the ‘access tag’ on the right hand Tags Block.

If you wanted to see all News Posts then select ‘News’  from Categories dropdown.  The categories will also tell you how many meetings we have, News item etc.

Latest new and meetings changes will appear on the Latest News ‘Ticker’ on the home and contact pages.

If you  are looking for a meeting on a Sunday,  type Sunday in the Search box at the top of all pages.

Any questions or if you find something that is broken or not working please use the Contact Us link either here or above on the main menu.