Advice on Sponsorship

The Government continues to re-iterate the clear message that we must stay at home to protect ourselves, our loved ones, the NHS and those around us.

They have suggested to us through Public Health England (PHE) that :-

Only in exceptional circumstances should an individual sponsor visit a sponsee to provide 1:1 support at home. They should both then follow the same precautions as are required of essential services i.e. stay at least 2m apart in an adequately ventilated area, both wash hands, don't go if either party is showing any symptoms of the virus, don't visit people who are self-isolating because they have COVID 19 symptoms, don't visit those who are being shielded because they are highly vulnerable or if the sponsor themselves is from a vulnerable group.

It is good to know that our work with PHE is recognised in their concern for our wellbeing and their understanding of how we work.

Yours in fellowship and service

The General Service Board