Conference 2020 April Dates Cancelled

Please read statement from Marc D the Conference Chair.

Dear all,

Over the weekend the Conference Steering Committee discussed the future of Conference 2020
given the current rapidly changing situation regarding the Covid-19 virus and its effects on society.
We considered many options but ended up with just three that we felt were either practical or required
consideration. These were :

1. Continue Conference as is, in April.
2. Cancel Conference and reconvene in 2021.
3. Reschedule Conference to a later date this year.

We considered that potentially there could be no overseas observers and CER Region members due
to travel restriction both here and in their home countries. We also considered that regional delegates
on mainland GB might also pull out with either fear of carrying and passing on the virus as well as
catching the virus once at Conference.

The consequence of this would mean that attendance at Conference might be a severe reduced, and
the Fellowship's conscience not fully heard.
It is with these points around the conscience of the Fellowship and equally as much the health of our
members that I am writing say that unfortunately we will have to cancel Conference for April 2020.
Which brings us on to points two and three.

We believe either one of these to be a better option than risking conference in April, and having
discussed moving Conference to later this year with the General Service Board and the General
Service Office have found a date in late October that is available. We hope this would avoid the
holiday season and give adequate time after the coronavirus to have been and gone.
The revised dates for Conference 2020 will be 29th, 30th, 31st October & 1st November at the Park
Inn in York.

A consequence of this would be that next year’s Conference Steering Committee will have a tighter
time frame to do the business/agenda for 2021. However we believe with the spirit of the Fellowship
and the traditions in mind this is achievable.
I am sorry to be the bearer of the news but hope our strength and unity flows as we move forward in
the best possible way to have a successful Conference in 2020.
Thank you for your service and support,

Marc D
Chair – Conference 2020