Plymouth Members Enjoy AA History Workshop

Plymouth Members Enjoy AA History Workshop

Plymouth AA Intergroup held a special “History of AA in Plymouth” Workshop on Sunday 12th August 2018, which was well attended by intergroup officers and other, observing, AA members. As with all intergroup meetings all AA members are welcome to come along and observe.

The meeting started at 10 o’clock with preliminaries, introductions and matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting. This was followed by the History of AA in Plymouth Workshop, in which speakers Brian FS and Ian M shared some fascinating stories from AA’s beginnings in Ohio, USA, to the present day in Plymouth, describing key turning points and well-known local characters from the past. The speakers then offered a Q and A session which made for an informal and sometimes amusing discussion.

During the break with coffee and tea, there was an opportunity to mingle and ask questions. Brian brought along plenty of archive literature and photographs (pictured) and volunteers prepared an impressive buffet of snack food to share.

After the break Intergroup business continued, offering AA members observing a chance to see what happens at intergroup. Intergroup officers gave brief reports of their recent activities and a new intergroup officer was nominated and elected. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved as we still have vacancies to fill at Plymouth Intergroup.

“Really enjoyed hearing the history of Plymouth AA at intergroup this morning. Thank you, it was great” – Sarah
“I enjoyed it too. The two main speakers were awesome. Learnt a lot today, so thank you!” – Terressa
“A good intergroup meeting this morning. A bunch of alcoholics active in service reaching out to help the alcoholics out there who are still suffering and dying from alcoholism.” – Jamie

What is Intergroup?

Representatives from neighbouring AA groups around the Plymouth area meet six times a year at the level of intergroup. There are around 120 intergroups in Britain at the moment.

As well as a chairman, vice chairman, treasurer and secretary, intergroup appoints a number of liaison officers who have a particular sphere of external service activity: public information, employment, prisons, health, probation, telephone (helpline), armed services and electronic communications (AA website and on-line response). Other liaison officers deal with internal AA matters such as literature and ‘Where to Find’ leaflets.

AA service is anything that helps us to reach a fellow sufferer - ranging all the way from the Twelfth Step itself to a phone call and a cup of coffee, from your local intergroup and up to AA’s General Service Office for national and international action.

Members are urgently needed to fill the following vacancies at Plymouth Intergroup.

Vice Chair
Public Information Officer
Armed Services
Prisons Liaison Officer
Convention Convener

If you are interested in finding out more come along to our next Intergroup meeting in October.