Meetings by day

Women's Meeting Suspended

Tuesday 19:30 PL5 1NE
Tuesday: One day at a time: Stoke

Tuesday 19:30 PL1 1AA
Tavistock 'The Women's Way' Ladies Meeting

Tuesday 6:30 PL190AW
Wednesday Living Sober - Live Wednesday 13:00 PL4 6LF
The Wolseley Meeting (Live)

Wednesday 19:30 PL2 3BY
Back to Basics Meeting

Wednesday 19:30 PL2 2PQ
Road to Recovery Live Wednesday 19:30 PL4 8HF
Tavistock 'Big Book' Wednesday 19:30 PL19 0AW
Keep it Simple - St Budeaux

Thursday 19:30 PL5 1NE
Keep It Simple Suspended

Thursday 19:30 PL5 1NE
Tavistock Daily Reflection Online

Thursday 11:50 PL19 0AW
Tavistock Thursday Big Book Good Book

Thursday 19:30 .
Road to Recovery Online

Saturday 10:00 PL4 8HF
Friday Newcomers Meeting Suspended

Friday 13:00 PL1 3LT
Friday The Step Meeting Wolsley

Friday 19:30 PL2 2EA