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Intergroup Service Positions

Below is a general list of the main service positions performed at Intergroup level throughout AA. These are the current positions at Plymouth Intergroups, could all groups member communicate these positions to their homegroups. Remember service can be carried out person when a person has gone through the steps by sharing their experience, strength and hope. They can be encouraged to share and to give talks with the current liason officers.


The holder of this post will usually have served on Intergroup for a number of years, having held one or more of the offices. The period of service is three years, after which the Chair should rotate out. The Chair has the responsibility of convening and conducting the meetings, and approving the agenda and minutes before they are published.


The Vice-Chair has the responsibility of conducting the meeting in the absence of the Chair.



AA Service News

Here is link to the latest AA Service News.

AA Service News in PDF: AA Service News.


Advice on Sponsorship

The Government continues to re-iterate the clear message that we must stay at home to protect ourselves, our loved ones, the NHS and those around us.

They have suggested to us through Public Health England (PHE) that :-

Only in exceptional circumstances should an individual sponsor visit a sponsee to provide 1:1 support at home. They should both then follow the same precautions as are required of essential services i.e. stay at least 2m apart in an adequately ventilated area, both wash hands, don't go if either party is showing any symptoms of the virus, don't visit people who are self-isolating because they have COVID 19 symptoms, don't visit those who are being shielded because they are highly vulnerable or if the sponsor themselves is from a vulnerable group.

It is good to know that our work with PHE is recognised in their concern for our wellbeing and their understanding of how we work.

Yours in fellowship and service


Plymouth Online Meeting Details

Monday: One day at a time: Stoke
Start: 7 for 7.30pm
Meeting Link: Zoom https://zoom.us/j/341130133
Meeting ID: 341 130 133
Status: Open
Contact: Jim H - 07986 337680

Monday Lee Mill - New Beginnings
Start: 7.30pm - 9pm
Meeting Link: Skype plymouthjonny@hotmail.co.uk
Status: Closed
Contact: Jon R - 07910 363266

Tuesday St Budeaux (Usually Ladies)
Start: 7 for 7.30pm
Meeting Link:Zoom https://zoom.us/j/954175003
Meeting ID: 954 175 003

Tuesday Tavistock Women's Meeting
Please contact the below for meeting details
Karen 07743217739


Plymouth Online Meetings

For anybody wishing to attend local AA meetings here are the details below.

(Please note anbody wishing to join you will need to install the Zoom client on the device of your choice.)


AA Monday night Stoke online Meeting
Time: Every Monday - 7:00pm open for a 7.30pm start.
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 341 130 133

St Budeaux

Every week on Tue, Thu, Sat,
7pm for 7.30 start...
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 954 175 003


Conference 2020 April Dates Cancelled

Please read statement from Marc D the Conference Chair.

Dear all,

Over the weekend the Conference Steering Committee discussed the future of Conference 2020
given the current rapidly changing situation regarding the Covid-19 virus and its effects on society.
We considered many options but ended up with just three that we felt were either practical or required
consideration. These were :

1. Continue Conference as is, in April.
2. Cancel Conference and reconvene in 2021.
3. Reschedule Conference to a later date this year.

We considered that potentially there could be no overseas observers and CER Region members due
to travel restriction both here and in their home countries. We also considered that regional delegates
on mainland GB might also pull out with either fear of carrying and passing on the virus as well as
catching the virus once at Conference.


Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Notice

Tradition 12: Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.

The spiritual substance of anonymity is sacrifice. Because A.A's Twelve Traditions repeatedly ask us to give up personal desires for the common good, we realise that the sacrificial spirit - well symbolised by anonymity - is the foundation of them all. It is A.A.'s proved willingness to make these sacrifices that gives people their high confidence in our future.

From Tradition Twelve, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions


AA Questions For Conference 2020

Conference 2020 runs from April 17th – 19th. To give the Delegates time to review your answers please submit them before the 31st of March. All feedback is appreciated – even just one answer to a single question!
Consider the contribution to the carrying of the message, financial and practical implications when deliberating each question.
Please read the full questions with background information and supporting documentation at the links below:

1. Committees 1 – 6 h

2. Structure Handbook changes_delegates and alternates


December Intergroup

The next meeting of Plymouth Intergroup will be on Sunday 8th December at Onward House, Community centre in Greenbank. Any AA members are welcome to come along and observe. Doors open at 9:30am with the meeting starting at 10 o'clock.

During Decembers IG, the accounts will be available to look at and also,whereas people can bring up anything they like during the group inventory, we will try to consider at least three or four questions in the Twelve Concepts Checklist pamphlet.



October Intergroup

The next meeting of Plymouth Intergroup will be on Sunday 13th October at Onward House, Community centre in Greenbank. Any AA members are welcome to come along and observe. Doors open at 9:30am with the meeting starting at 10 o'clock.


Vice Chair
Armed Forces
Electronic comms
Public Information
Young Persons
2 x Region Reps

If you are interested in applying for any of the positions advertised or would like more information on a vacant position, please speak to your GSR, contact our website or come to the next Intergroup meetin